Wednesday, 22 June 2011

H&M; for Versace!

I heard on the morning news today that h&m and Donatella versace are collaborating to make iconic versace items more affordable this is what she said in and interview with h&m:
''I am going to use iconic Versace pieces of iconic Versace moments. I am very happy to share that with H&M. Of course there are going to be prints, and of course there is going to be leather, and of course there is going to be studs. There is going to be gold, it is going to be glamorous, it's going to be exciting. Rock 'n roll.'
I am really exited about this collection I really liked the Lanvin and Jimmy Choo co-lab but I couldn't get to a store which sold the items and the Lanvin collection was sold out online :( but hopefully I will be able to get some stuff from this collection since its released in November (the month before my birthday and Christmas!)
H&M has not yet release images of the versace collaboration but once they do they will hopefully be on my blog. So keep tune!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Topshop inspired by Chanel?

I found this lovely chanel inspired cardigain in topshop for £40. You could even add some vintage gold buttons for that extra chanel chic look > if that makes any sense?

Isn't she lovely? find any nice clothes online?, tell me in the comment box I'd love to know! x

Friday, 17 June 2011

I think I have a nail varnish problem?

I seem to have collected over 100 pots of nail varnish I haven't even used some of them! 

I'm not even joking!!!, has anyone got more than me? please tell me and take a picture I would love to see them! I think  the problem lies in the fact that I'm always painting my nails and I love nail art so I keep buying more, I also think I'm attracted by the pretty colors but who wouldnt be?


TRESemme Mini Paddle Handbag Hair Brush

I am in desperate need of a new hairbrush since the one I have at the moment seems to bee loosing all the little balls at the top of the bristles, so I'm going to  nip into boots at the weekend and buy one! probably along with a load of other crap I don't really need ;)

 I saw the TRESemme Mini Paddle Handbag Hair Brush in boots the other day and it looks like the perfect size to fit in my bag! and I know I can trust TRESemme products to be of a good quality.

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