Monday, 31 October 2011

Vintage Aztec Jumper

I was in my local charity shop a few weeks ago and found this really cool vintage Aztec jumper its very unusual and has a really cool print all over it, its made by a company called zig zag originals i cant find out much about the company except i think its based in Scotland if anyone has any info on the company please contact me! 

here it is
Only £2

My attempt at decoupage!

 Decoupage is an easy cheap way of updating furniture and boxes you can decoupage nearly anything. it basically sticking lots of images all over an object and then varnishing it. once its done it can look really effective and new again so I decided to give it a go after seeing Kristie's Alsop's homemade Britain on the TV. I looked around my room for something I wouldn't mind getting wrecked if it all went wrong and round this nasty fake wood jewellery box that I was going to chuck anyway. unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it before well mainly because I forgot.

if you want to have a go at decoupage you will need:

1 pair of scissors 
magazines/newspapers for the images.
newspaper so that your surface doesn't get wrecked.
pva glue
I used white paint this is optional.
gloss varnish I used a tin of 'ronseal quick drying gloss varnish' (I found this in my dads shed and its pretty old so I don't know if you can still get it.)
2 paint brushes.

this is my newly re-vamped chest of draws.

Thanks for reading! Rose x
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