Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Decoupage chest of draws

Ive had this big old chest of draws in my room for ages, I started to paint it a dark teal colour and I painted the legs and handles gold but I lost interest in it.I decided after the success of my mini set of draws I was going to decoupage the whole thing, I still haven't finished as its such a mammoth task but here are some photos of how it looks so far.

 Before it was badly painted teal and gold.
 The sides weren't even painted
 after- I have decoupaged it with clippings from magazines like Vogue and Elle.
The front of the draws not finished yet, but my grandad made the mirror thing that go's on top  but so far I think it looks pretty nice. I'll post some more pictures when its finished, so watch this space.

Thanks for reading.


It was my birthday 15 days ago and frankly Ive been too lazy to bother blogging but anyway I got some really great presents and also i went shopping and got a few things myself so here  are a few of the items I received

 I got these amazing handmade bird earrings from my friend. they're made up of 4 different chunks of wood  I love them so much!
i bought this timer necklace in topshop for £8.50 it even has a bit of sand in it although it doesn't pour for a minute it pours for about a second, either way its really nice.
I bought this greeny bluey necklace from primark its an actual stone its not plastic i think its quartz but it only cost me £2.50.
I bought a Beatles t-shirt form primark i think this was £8 i bought it to wear with pyjamas or shorts/jeans.
I got these desert boots in forever21 they were £24 i think they're really comfy and i went shopping for about 7 hours with my friend and i wore these and they didn't hurt a bit.
I got this amazing beaded necklace from the same friend who bought me the bird earrings its so cool and will look really pretty with my summer outfits.

I got this book as a present, its basically an encyclopedia on 160 fashion designers from around the world selected by i-D, its very in depth when explaining about the designers, and also its full of amazing photos.

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