Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Birthday and Christmas Wants And Outfit Inspiration

Its my 16th Birthday in 21 days - I'm not counting..I swear.
I cant wait,
I'm going on a two week bender in Ianapa, then I'm going to bungee jump naked off the Eiffel tower. 
I'm going to be sitting at home with my friends, watching crap TV until about 7 in the morning I will then be in a zombie like state when I have to go and enlighten my grandparents on 'how it feels to be 16' - why do they always ask me that? surely they know already? 
Its my grandmas 76th anniversary of being 16.

Rose x

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  1. So many must have accessories!
    Like the beanie and bow! Can quirk up anything
    Cute blog
    S xx

  2. This actually made me laugh!

    Adorable blog. Following you now on Google Connect. Hope you can share the love back by following and visiting my blog.

    Much love from Canada~

  3. The bracelets and the skirt are really pretty!
    I wish I had lots of money!
    happy birthday in 21 days :p
    Jessica -xoxo

  4. I remember my 16th birthday i was so excited for it! I really do hope you enjoy your birthday though! Some of the things you want are lovely, especially the jewellery! xx

  5. I don't have an iPad but I wish I did just for that case.

    Elise x

  6. Yay, another teen fashion blogger! :) So glad to have discovered your blog Rose! Loving your birthday/Christmas wishlist! The iPad case is gorgeous, and I'm so obsessed with those boots! *_* I have a habit of just adding virtually everything I want to my own wishlist, hehe.

    Happy early 16th birthday! =D Haha, you're hilarious! I didn't do that much on my 16th birthday either... I don't like to go all out with those "super Sweet Sixteen" parties. I just had a day of shopping and dinner with my friends in Santa Monica! (: I'm turning 18 in February and I am legitmately scared to be an adult. :o Partly because I don't think I'm even prepared to be adult yet, and secondly, because I don't even look remotely 18 at all!

    So glad I just discovered your blog! =) I'm your newest follower, looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts and I hope you have a great birthday relaxing! =)

    1. Thank you so much for saying so many different nice things! This has literally made my day! xxx

      Rose xo

  7. Love the bracelets, cute blog :)
    Kises from Chile.

  8. Hahaha, you are so funny! This post is fantastic! I hope you have a wonderful birthday :) That iPad case is absolutely stunning.

    xoxo, Meera

  9. Needs these items!
    Love your blog btw! It's great!


  10. HI DEAR.. GREAT BLOG =)!
    I FOLLOW YOU !!!

  11. Amazing wishlist! I love it all. x

    <3 Melissa

  12. This is why I love (and hate) blogs, you find so many cute items! The zara jacket was soo cool, is it really reversable? or is it just the name? If it is I have to go to zara on monday..... I also love the h&m scarf. And happy (early) 16!!! I posted a christmas wishlist today, I would be happy if you took a look :D

    Great blog Rose, just followed xx

  13. love the collection of things you have hereee!! xx


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