Thursday, 12 April 2012

Green with envy......

 Today I was customising  a pair of Levi's I got for Christmas. I studded the left pocket, made some holes and bleached them, after that I bought some green Dylon hand wash dye and dyed them these are the results! I'm so pleased with them :) I also went charity shop shopping and found a pair of nearly new Clarks Originals in a charity shop for £4.99 they are a bit big on me but they're fine with some thick socks.

 Me with my little dog Tilly

Jumper: H&M £12.99
Necklace: was my mine :)
  Shorts: Customized. Levi's were originally £10
Desert boots: Clarks Originals £4.99
Socks: T K Maxx £6
 green dye £2
Total outfit cost:  £35.96 - thrifty win! :)

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

DIY: How to customize denim shorts EDITED.

This is a re-post, I have edited it and improved it for you x
I bought a pair of Levi's recently, I decided to customise them. I wanted to create a pair of Levi's similar to the ones you can buy at runwaydreamz but without there massive $140-60 price tag. 

What you will need:
strong denim jeans or ready made shorts (make sure its strong or the bleach will pull the fabric apart)
sand paper
old paintbrush.
glass of water
Dylon Hand Wash Dye.
Salt for the dye
1. cut the legs off the jeans, cut on a diagonal line, It's best to mark the line with a pen. Cut to a length where there is still room if you go wrong also pull the lining of the pockets out so that you don't cut them whilst cutting the legs.

2: Get your stuff together.

3. pour the bleach on and wait for about 5 Min's, then test to see if it has worked then put shorts on a short cycle in the washing machine or if you don't have access to one, wash them well in a sink entil the bleach has all gone. you can cut them again now you have done the bleaching and rinsing.

4: rub bits of with sandpaper to create a distressed/worn look. 
after you have rubbed it with sandpaper if you put it in a tumble dryer (on its own) It will get a more commercial finish to the holes and frays.

 5: this step is optional but i added some studs to my shorts you can buy them very cheaply on eBay.

6. if you want to dye them there are an array of different dylon HAND WASH dyes to buy online or in stores like dunelm mill. Then follow the instructions and dip the shorts in for about 45 Min's. Once dyed wash the dye out and you should be left with something like this. Also once you have used the dye please be kind to our planet, if you have any squash bottles or milk bottles that are empty and clean re-bottle the dye and it works just as well the second time and it doesn't cost you a penny.

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Saturday, 7 April 2012




Denim Cutoff jacket - DIY
Top - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - knackered converse
Bracelet - family heirloom 
Ring - car boot

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Friday, 6 April 2012

My week in Pictures

 I went to Cornwall this week for about 3 days, it was absolutely freezing! but it was still warmer than everywhere else in the UK. even so I had a great time Cornwall is so pretty and I had never been before know. the water was so clear and blue and the air was very fresh. whilst i was there i went to the the town of Fowey and had a look at Dawn Frenches house, sadly I didn't see dawn but i saw people going in the house (I hear she doesn't like being treated like a celebrity in Fowey) which I thinks a bit stupid/mean since she bought this massive fucking house/castle with the money that she got from being famous?! I visited the place where Doc Marten and Saving Grace was filmed and I also went to the Eden project which was amazing it was like being in a different country.

This is the view that Dawn French and other millionaires get to wake up to.

The place where Doc Marten is filmed.

An old dead tree, my dad took this photo so again I'm not taking any credit for this one.

This is probably the coolest flower I have ever seen, I think my dad took this photo so I'm not taking credit.

 Another cool pink spiky flower at the Eden project

 Me sitting on some crates in the rain forest biome at the Eden project

 Amazing leaves at the Eden project

When I got back from Cornwall my new copies of Vogue where waiting for me.. yay!

If you haven't been to Cornwall yet i seriously recommend going because its beautiful I also definitely recommend going to the Eden project because its like what I imagine being in a rain forest to be like, and it is a great day out also the food and homemade lemonade there is Delicious. I also would like to inform you that I won a McDonald's cheese burger on the way home Yum!

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Monday, 2 April 2012


 OOTD and collage...

My ootd: I found the levi jacket at a carboot sale for £2.
My brother bought back the scarf for me from india!
Jeans £24 and t-shirt £6 both H&M.
Hidden Moccasians tk-maxx £16

Here is a collage of some photos I  thought were pretty and summery ENJOY! (I dont own these photo's)

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