Friday, 21 September 2012

A weeks favourite things.

This is a post on a few of my favourite things that i have been using the most this week.

1 - Floris hand cream OMFGTSAFDAIJWTMI! (OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS SMELLS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS AND I JUST WANT TO MARRY IT) I don't know what the scent is but it smells fricking gorgeous and i just want to use it all the time, its also really good for my hands as I get very dry skin in the winter so win win really! - Oh it was free because my mums friend didn't want it!

2 -My brothers v-neck American Apparel t-shirt, well my brother doesn't know that I have this but Ive stolen it whilst hes touring with a band in France he steals my t-shirts so he cant really complain but i like it because its really soft and goes with so many things.

3- Moorland slippers, my mum bought me these slippers in selfridges when they were in the sale they are made from sheepskin and are so unbelievably comfy and extremely warm - I hate having to replace them with my school shoes in the morning!

4- Cire Trudon Nazareth candle, my mum got this for free at a selfridges Christmas press do (shes a journalist) in the shops it RRP is £65 so when I burn it I imagine pound coins floating up and disappearing. Seriously though its a bang tidy candle.

5- Black cuff, i couldn't get a good picture of this, its a beautiful gold coloured oriental cuff with gold metal oriental blossom curved around a patch of fake leather, I bought it at a car boot for like £1 and I thought that it would help me be inkeaping with the eastern trends this winter.

6- H&M copper chain necklace, i loove this necklace - it makes me feel like Mr T.

7- Vogue magazine ( does kristin stewart ever smile?) and a old  ''How to sketch from life'' book

8- My i-pad, - just a lovely little life saver.

Thanks for reading i just have one more thing, I have set up a facebook page selling customised Levis my brand is called ''Short 'n' Sweet'' and it would be absolutely legendary if you could like it ;)

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