Sunday, 21 October 2012

Winter Outfit Inspiration

I love leather jackets, I can never find one that is quite right and in my price range. 
I love this one from Acne and the shearling collar is gorgeous. I think that everyone should have a lovely jacket because there are so many ways that you can ware them. 

I love the smell of roses, but I find a lot of candles which say they are rose scented, dont really smell very 'rosey' and smell too sweet and sickly. This one from Diptyque does actually smell of roses and reminds me of my garden in the summer.

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Rose xo

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Are you ready boots? Start walkin'!

Trousers: Zara, Boots: Bottines, Top: Zara, Jacket: Sugarlips, Necklace: Asos , Ring: asos

the green trousers are form zara and they are made from cashmere! I've never seen a pair of cashmere trousers before,  I keep seeing lots more cashmere things in  high street shops they look and feel gorgeous!

The boots are from a brand called Bottines, I love these boots and as they are very reminiscent of the Vivienne Westwood pirate boots. My favourite bit about them is the leather buckle laces. Also Bottines has been commissioned by Celine to make some of there boots.

The jacket is from sugarlips apparel, I have been on the look out for a shearling type jacket for ages and I think this one is perfect. Its reversible so you could have the suede side showing with a shearling look collar.

The jing jang signs are a bit random, I used to draw them in my books in primary school because I thought they looked cool. Now if I draw them in my school books I'll probably be labelled a hipster. Oh well.

I have some really cool DIY posts lined up for fashion rhapsody but my sd card reader isn't working at the moment so I hope to get it fixed very soon!

Rose xo

Friday, 5 October 2012

Friends cut harder than diamonds.

Dress: H&M HERE, shirt: vintage cool ones here & here, belt: carboot, chelsea boot cool ones here: carboot, tights:  primark possibly? claw bracelet c/o OASAP socks: H&M.

I just finished watching the latest dr who episode on i player, its so sad! but I cant wait for the christmas special ( I am a big dr who fan)

On wednesday I went down to the itv studios to film an episode of the alan titchmarsh show (you can probs find it on itv player) It was so cool there were people rushing around and getting me stuff, and i saw tulisa and her girls from x facor  rushing out of the building just as I walked in. I said hello and lucy spraggon was the only one who stopped and said hello so major browny points to her. After I finished filming, me and my mum went and did a little bit of shopping round oxford street which is when I got the dress. I went into selfridges and saw a group of heavily made up scouses walking round each holding a little dog and a chanel bag which was quite a funny sight.

The boots that I linked above from a brand called bottnies, they are soo cool I love all of there clothes, they look really well made and the buckle fastening is well, AMAZE BALLS. 

also check out my facebook page where I sell customised levis! 

Rose x

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