Saturday, 24 November 2012

Instarose #1

potato dauphinoise (I had to look up how to spell it) // new Zara hat// nail art
 wearing my new Zara hat // drawing a geode // flowery nail art

 face // glittery nails // grandmas home made raspberry pie
woke up and found my Alice lying on me // cosy fire // random pic of my docs
 purple and gold drip nail art // Alice lying by the fire // pretty autumn sky

pretty autumn sky // flower that looks like a cabbage // vintage ring £1 from a Charity shop!

Halloween party // new vogues came! // my best friends mum taught me how to make sushi!

This is my first Instagram post, I don't know why I haven't jumped on the
 band waggon sooner to be honest!
 I'm going to make it a monthly thing, it's quite nice to look back at the month like this.

It's been so hard to do any outfit  posts because when I get back from
school its dark and at the weather is  so windy and wet, its very annoying :/
 Hopefully I'll get some done today if the weather doesn't turn sour.

I've also been tidying my room today because I'd quite like to do a room tour post?
what do you think?

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 Rose x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fire Ant.

Shirt: Vintage, T-shirt: H&M, Belt: Carboot, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Doc Martens, Hat: ?? Jewelry & watch is vintage.

18 days until my birthday - I'm still not counting.

I reminded my mum of this today and she informed me that my birthday had been moved to last summer, I was ok with this because I'm now apparently sixteen and can play the lottery, but she then told me that she was renting out my room too Vietnamese boat people and I was going to have to rough it on the streets.
Thanks mum. Nice to know I'm loved. 
She didn't even buy me a sleeping bag.

Rose x

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Birthday and Christmas Wants And Outfit Inspiration

Its my 16th Birthday in 21 days - I'm not counting..I swear.
I cant wait,
I'm going on a two week bender in Ianapa, then I'm going to bungee jump naked off the Eiffel tower. 
I'm going to be sitting at home with my friends, watching crap TV until about 7 in the morning I will then be in a zombie like state when I have to go and enlighten my grandparents on 'how it feels to be 16' - why do they always ask me that? surely they know already? 
Its my grandmas 76th anniversary of being 16.

Rose x

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Monday, 5 November 2012

The Beauty of Louise and Feel Unique

I love this scent! I've never owned the perfume but I do have the shower gel, the scent lasts all day. Its such a beautiful smell and this sounds silly but it can really lift your mood! And in the winter its really nice to wear something that is so reminiscent of spring and summer.

I cant really describe the smell all that well but heres what the sight says: 

Top notes: Wild strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit.
Heart notes: Violet, Jasmine, Gardenia.
Base notes: Vanilla, Musks, White woods.

 Every week-day I walk to school and I am faced with wind that makes my hair look exactly like Bridget's Jones after she loses her headscarf on the way to the country with Daniel.
Unfortunately for me I can't bat of the embarrassment as well as she manages too!
My eyes stream and go blurry and then the mascara flakes off, I'd really like a decent mascara that wont come of in the wind and will stay put through the nasty weather.

Just in case your not familiar or have not seen the films about 90 times heres a pick of Bridges unfortunate do:



Cold weather can bring make your nails more brittle and also lets face it if you have to constantly be putting on and pulling off some nasty fluffy fluorescent gloves your auntie Mildred got you seven christmases ago and have only recently reserected, then your likely to catch your nails.
 A good top coat ought to sort this out, (you might also want to ditch the gloves though)
  I've heard good things about Nubar so I'm eager to try it.


The feel unique site says 'One topcoat that seals and shines with UV protectors. Non-yellowing, fast drying, high gloss finish and chip resistant.' - It has pretty much has all of the things I'm looking for in a good topcoat

Chapped lips are a winter hazard (what, I'm a drama queen?) Not gonna lie they're not the most attractive thing in the world. As a girl at school pointed out to me today I need to get a better lip balm.
Also It contains lots of natural goodness (V technical term) and comes in a few different shades.


Rose x

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Halloween outfit & Catchup

This is what I wore yesterday for a Halloween party

On October 31st I came to the startling revelation that I may be to old for trick or treating.
(I'm nearly 16)
I spent the night traipsing round my village trying to round up my friends  (sheep dog style)  and ended up eating chips on the floor of my friends living room. 
 For the first time in my Halloween history (after the age of about 7) I went home without a big bag a sweets. Now I just have to watch my little brother wandering around the house constantly eating sweets, its a depressing week.

Instead I went to Halloween party at the local pub with a few of my friends one of which ran out of face paint so decided to use nail varnish - she may look like a snake for the next few days. 

Whilst we were walking round the village some people did give us some weird looks I think that may have been because we were a bit late on the Halloween front,or early depending on your outlook on life.

Half terms been pretty fun, I haven't really done that much though because I've been sleeping in till about 12pm and the total lack of any money has prevented me from doing my favourite thing (shopping)

ooh, my next post will  be how to make cool leather bracelets!
stay tuned - Rose

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

How To make The Most Of Your Wardrobe: The Essentials And Basics.

 Its hard to create a different outfit everyday with a limited amount of clothing,
 a lot of people fall at the first hurdle by overspending on unnecessary items and missing out key pieces that are essential to your wardrobe.

In this post hopefully I can give you some use full tips on how to make the most of your wardrobe.

This post is the first in a series of four. The next one will be about Accessorising. The third one will be about Charity shopping and the fourth one will be about D.I.Y clothing.

Every girl should have a shirt in black, white and denim.

All T-shirts are from American Apparel

T-shirts: I rarely buy t-shirts with prints on them because they are much harder to wear.
 Plain t-shirts are very versatile.

Coats and jackets needn't ruin your look if you get three different styles then guaranteed you will have on for every style of outfit. 

1: Denim jacket: I love this take on a denim jacket by Topshop.

2:Leather jacket: A nice leather will be more expensive but it will always look better than Pu. But propper leather biker jackets never seem to go out of fashion and they do last forever. If you cant afford to splurge out its a good idea to scour eBay and charity shops for a nice one. 

3: A normal winter coat: weather it be a waxed Cotton Barbour affair or a long woolly warm thing it doesn't really matter. Just make sure that the cut flatters your figure and that it will be warm enough to prevent frostbite.

Attachable collars:  You'd be surprised at how different you can make your coat look simply by swapping the collar. 
They're much cheaper than buying a new coat and can look just as good if you get the colours right.

Trousers and skirts: Avoid printed trousers and skirts at first and concentrate on getting more versatile items.
Black skinny jeans: If skinny jeans don't flatter your figure then try a different style but a pair of black jeans will make your life so much easier when it comes to clothes. They are incredibly versatile!

Black leather pants/waxed cotton trousers: these types of trousers give an edgier look to your outfit and are just as versatile as a pair of black jeans.

Black skater skirt/black peplum skirt: Not a trousers kind of day? swap them for a lovely skirt and pair with an nice blouse.

Shoes, boots and trainers:

Most of my money goes on shoes, shoes are usually the most expensive part of any outfit, 
they can make or brake an outfit so it is crucial that you pair the correct shoes with your outfit.

 In my opinion its easier to wear black boots than it is to wear brown boots.
 Dr martens are timeless, if you buy them from office or asos they will set you back like £100  if you go to the factory shop in wollaston you can get shoes for £25 and boots for £30 - its definitely worth it as they are the comfiest shoes ever!

I'm seriously in love with these maroon Sam Edelman boots, they are in a word PERFECT.
I think Sam Edelman is one of the great shoe company's that really understand that shoes need to be comfy and good quality as well as look amazing!
The flat shoes they make are e truly amazing as well, they aren't just the same old normal boring  flats they are adorned beautifully with glitter, studs and rhinestones they all look magical!
 I think that Sam Edelman shoes will continue to produce the most amazing shoes, the prices aren't that bad either considering there quality!
check out the store here:

Nike Blazers are trainer enough to be very comfy and cool enough to go with most of your clothes. 
they are perfect for a long days shopping, and will stop your feet from aching.

Loafers/slipper shoes are a great if you have a slimmer foot the above pair are from a brand called Miista
I want to own all of Miistas shoes. The blue sparkly low heels are also from Miista.
Miistas shop is full of amazing shoes like this so you should definitely check them out!

If you have a wardrobe containing these items then you will feel less guilty about statement clothing because hopefully you will know that it Will definitely go with something!

 Of course you don't have to buy all of these items new, and because a lot of the items are timeless you should be able to find them in your local charity shops.

I also wanted to say a little thank you to all my followers!
 its so great that I have some how managed to reach 300 followers it feels like yesterday I had 2.
 I am so appreciative that people take the time to read my blog!
 Hopefully I am going to be doing a cool giveaway soon if I can find some stuff I think you will all like :)


Stay tuned, Rose x

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