D.I.Y How To Make / Up - Cycle A Notice Board / Chalk Board / Jewellery Holder Out Of An Old Window:

In this tutorial I will show you how to make this:

From this:

What you will need: 

A window with 3 or more split sections depending on what you want it to be.
 (I actually used a cupboard door) 
you might have one lying around if your dad is wood hoarder, you could probably find one at the tip or have a look on free-cycle.

Cork board (I up-cycled an old cork board)


I found an old cupboard door in my dads garage and thought I could make something useful out of it. 
You will first need to get the glass out - make sure you wear protective gloves and are careful about where you put the glass afterwards.

For the chalk board I used a picture that I took out of an old frame which was printed onto MDF.
 The good thing about using an old window is that its easy for you to put things into the slots where the glass should have gone so you don't need to cut any holes. 
I then painted 2 coats of chalk board paint onto it.

wait 2 hours between painting each coat.

For the cork board I already had one spare so I re-cut it  using a Stanley knife and placed it in with the chalk board, after these were both in I stapled the edges with a staple gun.

Square chicken wire is really good for hanging jewellery of because it doesn't slip like it would with round chicken wire so you can stick more jewellery on, I moulded the edges to fit the frame exactly by pushing the edges of the wire in with a pair of pliers.

Excuse the very chipped nail varnish :)

I then used a staple gun to fix the wire in place.

I then flattened the staples with a hammer to make them hold the wire tighter.

I turned a kitchen door pull upside down and screwed it into the wood to act as a chalk holder for the chalk board.

First drill to holes in the wood making sure that they are level and that they will fit the drawer pull.

 In the first pictures you can see that there was an old door knob on it, I took this off and replaced it with too brass hooks which I use to hang my rings. 


A new shabby chic piece of useful furniture which would have otherwise been chucked on the fire, it's also made me have a sort through my jewellery!

Tip: Before you use your chalk board rub a piece of chalk across it to prime it before use.

Hopefully now I've completely finished my exams I will be able to do better posts like this more often!

Thanks, Rose xo

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  3. This is so amazing! Love the idea - you should definitely make more of these homey tutorials :) x

  4. this is such a good idea, i really want to get some chalkboard paint and put it on my walls so i can write on it and stuff xxx

  5. Great job! You are so crafty. If I ever find a rusty, old window sill, I'll certainly remember this post.
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  6. Wow that is amazing and so creative. I love it, I've been trying to look for a noticeboard type thing to go above my chest of drawers, never thought to try and make one myself!


  7. your blog is lovely, I adore varied posts like this, especially when the end result looks so good!

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  10. This is pretty amazing! You are extremely talented :)

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