Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How To Half Your Spending And Look Twice As Good: Internet Edition

When it comes to saving money, I'm your girl. 
I wouldn't normally brag about any ability, but I am the queen of bargains and it would be a crime not to share my tips. My most latest and greatest bargain was getting my entire prom outfit for £27 when it should have cost about £150.

Now on to the interesting bit, when it comes to saving money the Internet is your best friend.
Every one wants to look good and pay less, well that is unless your Kim Kardashion and have a bottemless pit full of cash.

I'm going to show you sites that I genuinely use, I'm going to also give you some handy tips for using these sites. Anyone can pay pennies and get quality if they are prepared to look!

 eBay, perhaps the most obvious money saving website of them all. 

If you order products from china they can take about 3 weeks to come, but you can buy things at a fraction of the cost.  There are a lot of Zara dupes floating around eBay which you can buy very cheaply. For example, you can buy a dupe for the coveted leather sleeved jacket here.

Tips For Ebay:

Look for auctions which end at odd times in the day: 
Pay close attention to when auctions end, this can be absolutely crucial to winning a bargain. If you see an auction that ends very late at night it might be worth staying up for, Because whilst everyone else is snoozing you could have just nabbed yourself an amazing bargain. Also if your lucky enough to have a day off work or school look for auctions that are on weekdays which end before 4pm, because these often go for a lot less than they should. 

 Missing Auctions: Quite often people will misspell something in there eBay listing making it impossible to find the auction normally. This is where missing auctions comes in, by typing in the name of item you want (SPELLED CORRECTLY) into Missing Auction's search engine, it will then search for all possible misspelled variations of that word, and sometimes you can find loads of items that nobody else has been able to find.

Next 2 Nowt is an online store that sells clothing, shoes and other accessories that have been slightly broken or have fallen of the hanger in store, the majority of the items are from topshop and Miss Selfridge. I love this site because the clothing is so cheap, and they always have fantastic sales!

Oxfam online is probably the only decent online charity shop. You can find some really great deals on this site. Sometimes the items can be slightly overpriced, but then again you can find items on there which wouldn't be on eBay, so it's always worth a quick brows.

Karma clothing is just a very cheap online clothing store,  you can find some really nice stuff from karma clothing, and its all dirt cheap! There is also a 15% student discount.

Fashion Vouchers is a brilliant website and I use it all the time to check and see if there are any discount codes available. I also use it to see what sales shops are having. It has a top 10 section where they list all the best deals which is absolutely fab!

Often Gum Tree can be a lot cheaper than e-bay, this is because you have to pick the items up. You don't bid on things, people say what there price is and some times there is room to haggle. It's a good idea to search for items which are in your area, or if you know someone in the area who's willing to get it for you.

Free-cycle  is fab because its free! You can search in surrounding areas for things you want and sometimes it just so happens that someone wants to get rid of that Chanel handbag you've had your eye on, ok so maybe not. But you can find some really great clothes on there and you have nothing to lose as it's free!

At the moment Asos are having a promotion reducing summer items by up to 30% 

If you haven't heard of ASOS, then your probably some kind of crab that's been living under a rock for about 10 years, ASOS always has great discounts on different things, and has a constant 10% discount for students which sometimes goes up to around 25%. Use the price filter, capping the price on the products you search for will help stop urges to overspend.  Primark are partnering up with ASOS to sell a limited amount of clothing as a trial run, which I think is brilliant as primark doesn't have an online shop and is probably the cheapest high street chain.

PLNDR, is one of the best outlet stores on the net. You have to be a member to shop, this doesn't cost anything and is totally worth it. You can find some really gorgeous clothes on this site for very little money.

I hope this helped you, Rose x


  1. I love eBay and next2nowt, always get some great bargains!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. Thanks for all the great resources. Shopping is definitely an area I could stand to become better at since I spend too much time writing!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I definitely need to get better at bargaining! I often cave in because I love an item so much, haha but I should look for the best deal!


  4. Now this is what we call a good information :D
    Thanks! Keep on informing