Monday, 30 September 2013

DIY: Christopher Kane Jelly Clutch, Perfect For Halloween!

The Christopher Kane Jelly clutches are amazing, expensive and hard to get hold of, I really wanted one but I also fancied having a go at making one myself. After attempting to do it a few different ways and failing, I came up with this clutch, It didn't take me very long and hasn't leaked at all.
Things you will need:

PVC - about half a metre. 
Card 2x a3
Food colouring 
Water retaining crystals.
Cheap hair straighteners. 

1: Draw a rectangle, I drew round a medium sized book. Inside the rectangle draw two curves at the bottom corners, and then draw squiggly lines up the sides. 
2: cut it out, lay it on another piece of paper and draw round it.
3:Draw a dot in the middle of the top like and then square up.
4: Draw a triangle that meets at the centre line, then inside the triangle do the same squiggle effect. Cut it out.
5: Lay the pieces on the PVC, using something heavy to prevent it from moving, then draw round the pieces with a marker and cut them out with some sharp scissors. Cut out two pieces from each pattern piece.

Your pieces should look the same.
 7: To seal the sides I used hair straighteners, mine are cheap ones from a carboot. The plastic doesn't stick to the plates it comes straight off, I wouldn't advise you to use expensive hair straighteners.
I clamped down on the sides about 0.5cm of the way into the bag, all the way around. I left about an 1'' gap to fit a funnel down.
 For the goo, I used water retaining crystals mixed with water, food colour and soap.

I placed the funnel in the gap and poured the goo in, I quickly sealed the gap with the straighteners.
You should now have two goo filled pouches which look like this, place the smaller pouch on top of the bigger pouch and seal together round the edges with the straighteners.
 You will now hopefully have something that looks like this, you can use any colour goo you want. I wanted to use red so that it resembled a saline bag filled with blood. I think that this would be perfect for Halloween, especially if you could get some of those plastic eye balls and spiders and pop them in your bag too!
 Let me know what you think, Rose xo


  1. This is so cool! And definitely Halloween worthy... xo

  2. This is such a cool idea!

  3. Amazing! I'll have to give this a go, I've loved those clutches for so long. Definitely an awesome idea for Halloween too!

  4. So very creative of you. Good job. When I muster enough courage - and get enough time - I'll have to attempt this.
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  5. Thank you for dropping by on my blog and connect. By the way, this a cool idea, need to get the blood flowing ahaha...
    Your new follower via GFC, hope you follow back.

  6. Hello! I was initially just bobbing over to say a big thank you for your lovely comment about my moodboards on my little blog - thanks so much. But then i have just read your last post - that bag is GENIUS!!!! You are very clever! I could never even think of that!

    Off to have a better read of your lovely blog - have the loveliest week xxxxx

  7. Oh wow, this is such an interesting idea for Halloween, might have to give it a go! It's great because you could make it whatever size you wanted, too - just big enough for your phone/keys/cards etc xx

  8. man this is SO awesome! Crazy idea but looks great... good on you for having the patience to make one yourself, i'd give up after the first try haha