Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Once Upon A Time

 Shoes: Dr Martens (Wollasten Doc shop), Jeans: BDG, Jacket: Topshop, Jumper: Topshop, Beanie: Zara

I'm going to tell you how I got a pair of £255 gold Dr Martens for £35, that were destined for cirque du soleil to wear whilst dancing for Madonna at the super bowl in America!

I went on a tour of the Dr Marten factory in Wollaston about 6/7 months ago, because I'm sad and have no friends because Dr Martens are my favourite type of shoes, and I was interested to see how they were made. Whilst on the tour I saw a guy cutting out some pieces of gold leather, I asked the manager of the factory about them and he said that they had just finished an order of 12 gold boots for cirque du soleil to wear whilst dancing for Madonna at the super-bowl  I asked him how much they would be to buy and he replied £255. 
I think you can imagine my reaction. If not here is a highly scientific diagram that was created by Dr Rose using MS paint.

Anyway after a couple of months of therapy, I returned to the Doc Shop like an alcoholic that had just fallen of the wagon, hit there head and rolled into the cheap wine aisle of Tesco. 
They were the first things I saw, it was like in movies when two people run in slow motion towards each other, either that or there was something different about the mushrooms I had for breakfast. 
After some deep breaths and prayers, I looked at the price tag, and they were £35!!
I tried them on and they fit perfectly, I looked in the tongue and they had been marked 5/12 meaning that they were the fifth pair to have been made for cirque du soleil, there must have been something wrong with them for them to end up in the shop but I can’t see anything that isn't perfect, but then they do say that love is blind.

Rose xo 

warning: this post is based on a true story but may have been dramatised for the purposes of entertainment.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

C'est Une Petite Haul...

I went shopping yesterday in Birmingham to spend some of my Christmas money, I really needed some new t-shirts but whenever I go shopping I always get distracted by trousers.  Before I went I vowed only to buy tops, so naturally I came home with two pairs of trousers - one of the pairs was sparkly and lets face it I'm a magpie. 

what I bought:

BDG faded black jeans £20
Zara metallic trousers £13 (reduced from £40!)
Urbanears from urban outfitters £20 (reduced from £50!!!)
H&M bracelet £3.99
Ecote from urban outfitters £10 (reduced from £45)

My favourite purchase was the sage Urbanears.
I've been wanting a pair for a while because they are really practical and don't look vile.
 practical  because you can fold them up into a tiny ball, the wires don't tangle and your friends can plug there earphones into them. 
I absolutely hate earphones, they fall out my ears, also headphones are much better for your ears because with earphones the sound waves cant properly bounce of your eardrum which is quite damaging also they tangle up really easily. 
But there's no way I could fit a huge pair of headphones in my bag without having to purée my sandwiches, and to be honest Marmite smoothies don't sound all that great. 
So when I found these Urbanears in urban outfitters on sale for £20 I walked straight to the till. 

Later I'm going to my local auction house to see if I can see anything cool and to make the most of not having to do revision or work. Just realised how sad that sounded haha

Rose xo

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Stitch My Wings And Pull The Strings

sorry about my absence, I've been completely snowed under with work and I've just had to plough through (I'm sorry if you just vomited from the sickness of that pun) 
I hate year 11, so far its just been exam after exam after exam, its like I'm a factory worker and my school is an exam factory, I'm having to do the same routine of revising and exam taking every week. so if your doing GCSE's, or A-levels I feel for you, its shit - I know. But today was my last exam until late February! 

1: A white Zatchel, simple classic that will look effortlessly cool with pretty much anything, aslo supporting british brands is always a plus.

2: Gorgeous blue knit from ACNE to tide you through the slush 

3: I love metallic shoes, these Miista babes are just the bizz, I need them in my life - how cool would they look with trousers? 

4: Blue beanies look striking and stand out from the crowd, look great on people with pale complexion - this one from Topshop is fab.

5: Dainty rings look so cute, I love the wooden heart.

7: Cheap Monday bangle, I love the iridescent sheen and the twist.

8: Nars sheer lipstick, I like the idea that it gives your lips more colour without looking matt or glossy

Good luck with your exams, Rose xo

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Also, please watch this video - I know this is ironic telling you to watch this since I have just posted quite a materialistic post but it makes you think about what you buy and why you buy it:

Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Tour Of My Room

This is  a D.I.Y project I did which took about 6 months and about a trillion vogue magazines, It used to my mums.

My bed side table - when I found this it was cream and the paint was flaking of and the top had some weird orange varnish on it that had dead flies stuck in it, the handles were also silver and pretty horrid.

I sanded down the top which took like 5 hours, I then stripped back the paint and re-painted it grey and bought these lovely crystal door knobs from eBay, I love the contrast of the wood and the grey paint.

I keep loads of stuff in Parfait jars, they make things look pretty.

         My bed , the quilt on the back is very old and was made my an old woman my mum used to know.

                          I like to collect old throws and blankets for my bed, I think they look pretty.

Snippet of some books and cute candles.

 I love to collect carved wooded boxes for some reason. I keep bracelets on a bottle neck and rings and stuff on the hand.

 More Parfait jars

Pretty plate I found at a car boot, bell and some random shells I found.

My desk.

GOLD DR MARTENS!!!!!!!!!!!! These have a  story, and deserve a whole post.

I come from quite a thrifty family, I love to do D.I.Y projects and I'm always on the look out for cheap furniture and pretty nick-knacks at car boots and charity shops.

I haven't blogged in ages because I've had a virus that has lasted for about 3 weeks, also I have 7 GCSE exams in January that I've had to revise for. Another reason is that I have been staying up till about 3am, re-watching every single episode of the IT crowd.
 I was looking forward to Christmas day for Dr Who more than any presents or the food, and that kind of got me thinking about my self and how geeky I used to be.
 When I was younger I used to have an obsession with rocks and stones
I had a rock polisher, I HAD A FREAKING ROCK POLISHER.
 I used to collect stones and get my dad to buy bags of rocks from eBay and I'd always look at the floor when walking anywhere in case I found a special stone, 
I even did a talk to my class with all my rocks and geodes, I was about 9. I was not self aware.
I was a pretty geeky child I used to have square glasses and fangs that would even creep Chucky out.  
But then I got braces and stopped needing to wear my glasses all the time. 
I became more interested in Vogue than Geode.

Rose x

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