Friday, 8 March 2013

& Other Stories: Brand Hype & Opinion

Here are some of my favourite beauty things:

So about 30 minutes ago I think I fell in love.

 Now I've known about the looming arrival of '& Other Stories' for quite some time, but I think with everything else that's been whooshing around in my brain the whole idea of a new scandi store opening just got pushed out, I blame surd's..damn you maths. Anyway back to the point I just went onto there website and cant explain how excited I am about there products; they are just what I've been looking for! The prices are higher than they are in H&M but I am lead to believe that the quality is better.
 I love the simplicity of everything, the clean lines and sparkly accessories are just perfect.
 I do however have one gripe about the site and all the other sister sites of '& Other Stories' and that is none of them have a search bar..whats that about?

The beauty section of the site is great too! It makes me want to throw away all my ugly packaged make and replace it with the simple white packaging with pretty fonts and cute names.

 As far as I can see '& Other Stories' seems to have been meticulously planned by a group of people who know they're target market inside out, just check your wardrobe for any hidden cameras. This is just my opinion - you might think differently. The shop just seems to have everything I've been wanting and more which is such an annoying/amazing thing.

My bank balance and Scandinavian design are going to fall out soon.

Rose x

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