Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Summer Wishlist

1: Diptyque candle in 'Roses' 

 Rose is one of my favourite scents. Often can candle/fragrance company's get the rose scent wrong and end up with something revoltingly sweet, but Diptyque knows how to do it right. unfortunately they cost like £40 for a full sized one, and since that's more than what I earn in a month I think I will have to wait till I marry into the Kardashians - and too be honest I'd rather lose a limb.

2: 13'' Mac Book Pro with Retina

 This is something that I am going to be purchasing soon, I wont say too much about this though as I wrote about it in the post below too, but I cant wait to have a computer that's not second hand or broken.

3: Some real techniques brushes:

  I haven't heard a bad thing about Real Techniques. My Godmother is going to America for three weeks and I discovered that these brushes are about half the price that they are in England, so I'm going to buy the core collection, the starter collection and the expert face brush.
 If I was to buy all of these brushes In England it would cost me nearly £60, but in America (transferred into pounds) it should cost me around £30.

4: Caseable Mac Book case 

If I'm going to be spending such a ridiculous amount of money on a computer I really need to protect it, I stumbled upon Caseable a website which allows you to design your own laptop cases which I thinks so cool! I found this random picture and used it too design my own. I think it looks so pretty, and it would be a shame to cover such a pretty machine in an ugly bit of plastic.

5: Miista Shona Rose Gold sandals 

 Miista are killing it this season in terms of summer shoes. How cool are these rose gold metallic ones? I think I have an obsession with metallic shoes.
 I think I might have bird flue because I'm turning into a magpie.

6: Asos Sunglasses 

I love the gold rims on the top of these sunglasses, I think they look a lot more expensive than £12.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cire Trudon - More Than Just Wax And String

Cire Trudon candle in 'Nazareth' c/o Selfridges.

Candles are funny, aren't they? How on earth did they come about?
 Maybe a caveman stole some bees wax and then the bees got angry and decided to hunt the caveman down, so he put some string through it and burned it to hide the evidence and then realised that wax, string and fire is a pretty cool combination. 
Saves having to borrow 'fire' constantly from 'Dave' in the cave opposite.

Cire Trudon is the worlds oldest candle making company still in existence, I have to confess that I do like a candle. I hate candles that smell overly sweet or candles that are scented with odd things like cookie dough or chocolate, I just find them sickly and a bit bizarre. The candle pictured above is called 'Nazareth' and I can kind of imagine the three wise men saying to each other
 'yo, scrap the mur this waxxy shit is what we need fo our home boy Jesus'' 
It smells like a mixture of orange and cinnamon and when lit fills the whole house with its scent. 
I find it very relaxing but at £60 a candle relaxing comes at a price.

When you inspect the candle, everything is beautifully made the seal on the front is embossed perfectly and the wick is woven from 100% cotton and because the glass is red and bevelled when the candle is lit it looks like a ruby is on fire. 

But is it actually worth the money?
I would say that there is definitely £60 worth of candle in the package.
 The candle will last for around 60 hours so it costs £1 an hour to burn, I personally would pay a £1 now and then to burn this candle for an hour because the scent is mind blowing, but paying the £60 in a chunk would make me weep.
 Whether you spend £60 on a dress or a candle its quite a lot of money, what you spend that money on is entirely up to personal justification of the cost. If I had lots of money I would fill my house with Cire Trudon candles but since I have about 60p and a depressed money box I can't have either.

I do like the trend at the moment for people re-using old luxury candle jars for brush holders, at least there is a recycling aspect you could add to the list of price justifications.

Rose xo

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