Saturday, 6 July 2013

OOTD Charity Shop Pinafore

Pinafore: Charity Shop, Shirt: H&M, Belt: Vintage, Trainers: Asos

Oh hai sun, decided to show your face finally? 

Yesterday was my prom, me and my friend Eleanor spent the day getting ready, but before we could begin the promification process I had to go into town to get some of those squidgy heel things to stop my feet sliding about in my heels. Since I was going into town anyway I couldn't really resit having a quick look around the charity shops. I'm glad I did as I found this gorgeous acid wash pinafore for £3. I'm pretty pleased with myself as they're a bit pricey in most shops at the moment, it's a size 12 but with some re-adjusting of the straps and a belt it fits fine, I like the longer hem line of this pinafore because my pinafore from Miss Selfridge is very short, and is not all that easy to move in. I'm actually filming a outfits of the week type video this week and this is my first outfit, so check back next Saturday to see the final result! My prom get ready with me will also hopefully be up by next week but I'm having some problems with the quality at which my videos are converted at, but I'm going to get that sorted if it kills me...well I hope it doesn't kill me...

Rose x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


First I want you to imagine a normal 16 year old wearing these clothes.
Now imagine an 80 year old sporting the same gear.

Today I wandered into Topshop with about £2 in my pockets.
 whilst I was looking at a rather pretty dress and wishing I'd saved some money for the sales, I noticed a silver haired lady that looked about 80 rifling through the crop tops, she then held a sheer one that was embellished with sequins up to her torso as if to size it up for herself, she then said to herself 'ooh that's nice, yes' and put it on top of her shopping trolley. 
When I picture myself as an eighty year old,  I never imagine myself wearing beige dresses with stockings and slippers. I just picture myself still wearing gold docs and tartan trousers, I love that this woman didn't give a shit that she wasn't conforming to the stereotypical 'granny look' she was just doing what she wanted.
If your not allowed to wear what you want when your old and not worry about what other people think then when can you? I like to think that if I'm lucky enough to get to be an old lady with grandchildren I'll freak them out every now and then by going night clubbing with my two new hips, mind you maybe by the time I'm old society might have developed and changed so that OAP night clubbing might be the norm and knitting needles will be replaced with glow sticks. 

Rose x
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