Midilife Crisis

Jacket: carboot, skirt: charity shop, top: Primark, shoes: Topshop, socks: Topshop

My new years resolution is too just work a little bit harder in general. I want to work more on my blog and post more often, ideally I'd like to post every two days and I hope that I can manage to sustain it. I'm not a very organised person, so it will be a big challenge but if you actually want to do something it makes it a 100x easier. I'd also like to try and be a bit tidier this year. Ha. Not going to happen, don't get to ambitious Rose.

A couple of weeks back, I saw a really cool dip dye check midi skirt in Topshop, but I didn't want to fork out £48 just in case I decided that midi skirts just weren't my thing. I luckily found this skirt for £3 in a charity shop, I'm still not sure whether midi skirts are my thing, but for £3 they don't need to be, and I don't feel obliged to wear it all the time to try and bring down the cost per wear ratio (fashion maths, broke bitches get me).

Rose xo


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4 Responses to “Midilife Crisis ”

  1. Very cool outfit!

    Good luck with the blog this year, I am trying the same :)


  2. This skirt is gorgeous! I love the contrast of the skirt with the boots xo

  3. Wow wow! Those shoes and that skirt paired together is just beautiful! x