Summer Shoe Edit

1 & 2: Miista, 3: River Island, 4: too be announced, 5: Topshop, 6&7: Zara, 8: New Look

This year I refuse to wear trainers all through summer, that was the biggest mistake of summer 2013. I think part of the reason (the whole reason) was that I didn't have much money to spend on sandals, and the money I did have went on ice cream not shoes, sorry feet. But I now have a job waitressing, and at the end of every shift my feet hurt, so to say thanks to my feet, I'll clad them in a variety of pretty sandals throughout summer. Invest in your feet.

1 & 2 - Miista:

I swear Miista have some kind of sixth sense as to what kind of shoes I want, they know before I do. The whole summer collection is fab. I don't have any white shoes, but hell are they hot. I really like the mint green/white mix seen on Amber, also probably a better option for me considering the extra strap at the back, I'm quite clumsy and shoes ideally need to be glued to my feet.

3 - River Island:

I'd fallen for a pair of electric blue Marni sandals for £370, but my bank balance had other ideas. These ones are a similar shape, and still have the whole ugly shoe thing going on but for £50.

4 - To Be Announced:

Oil slick shoes? yes please. Very bored of gladiator-esque sandals now, but TBA has taken them too another level and made them cool again. Cheers guys.

5 - Topshop:

I have three pairs of Topshop shoes and all of them annoy me in some way shape or form, I feel like Topshop spend a lot of time making sure they look amazing, but spend about 10 minutes making sure they are actually ok to wear. I always get tricked and sucked in by the prettiness of the shoe, so I'd probably have to try these on a few times before I bought them.

6 & 7 - Zara:

Espadrilles? Aka that shoe my mum gets at the French supermarkets every year. Well, Zara made them cooler, soz Mum. Also how cute are the black tassle sandals?!

8 - New Look:

I think New Look have undergone a fair bit of rebranding recently, I hadn't been in New Look for years, it had just gotten too neon and Ibiza club inspired for my liking. I walked in a few weeks back, I'd seen some really nice things featured in a couple of press previews and was curious. I really like these sandals, and I like them even more because there £25. Also for that price I'd be tempted to do some experimenting with them.

Rose xo


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15 Responses to “Summer Shoe Edit ”

  1. I love 5 and 7 ahhh so good! I love Zara footwear! So good. Rad blog, followed xxx

  2. I love number 8. I can't wait to get my feet back in sandals! I bought myself a pair of white juju jelly shoes and I just cannot wait to wear them!

    Lindsey. x

  3. #5 is my favorite. Nice blog here. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  4. Ooh I like the zara ones the best, I agree about New Look, I used to just walk straight past it but now there seems to be some nice stuff there! x

  5. My favourite are number 8, they are very stylish

  6. omg, I totally agree on the New Look thing. I haven't bought any of their stuff in ages. It's all a bit garish and overpriced for what it is (have they put their prices up because, I remember it being cheeper..?) I love the sandals though, they're really similar to the Office ones xx

  7. ugggg so perfect, love your picks.

  8. I love the miista green sandals! So pretty! Just found your blog and really like it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook or bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  9. The River Island ones are amaaaaazing!

  10. nice picks :)

  11. perfect wishlist, my favourites are number 4 and 8! <3

  12. #2 are the coolest sandals..I'd wear those everywhere!