Monday, 18 August 2014

Vintage Gold Crochet Flares

Top: Motel Vintage, trousers: vintage

These trousers cost me 50p, yep 50p. Not everyones cup of tea, granted. I love them though, not sure I'd wear them in winter or into town, but they are nice to look at. I can't find any like this online so I'm pretty sure someone has knitted these, waaay back in the seventies (sorry mum).

Rose x


  1. I love this look! The trousers are so unique :)

  2. Oh my god, times like this I wish I could knit! Those flares are amazing, and I love how you've paired it with an off-the-shoulders crop. You look fab!

  3. love this look! perfect for summer, those trousers are gorgeous!
    xx Ayesha

  4. you look so good rose! also you have the greatest legs everrrrrrr so you automatically look awesome!

  5. They're so unusual! I love those pants. I personally wouldn't wear them, but I am all for people being a little weird in their style in their own way. If you love it, wear it until it falls apart.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  6. These look pretty cool on you but I would never wear them!! Gisforgingers xx

  7. Oh woah! I love these trousers! I've been after a pair for a while. They are definitely a 70s thinng! They'd be so great for a festival XX


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