Saturday, 18 January 2014

What I'm Loving On ASOS

House of Hackney for ASOS:

House of Hackney is one of my favourite brands, I love the amazing prints and the beautiful fabrics. I'm a little bit addicted to velvet, and House of Hackney never fail to produce something that I didn't even know I needed until it appears on there website. So when I heard that they were teaming up with ASOS (one of my other favourite brands) I did a little scream, great design, great fabrics but with a lower price. Still high enough to make my wallet wince but low enough that I can convince myself. I'm loving the velvet tartan smock top in particular, I love the shape and the colours.

Pepe Jeans: 

I have a desire for a wacky brightly coloured fur coat so I can look like some fashion week diva, the type that pretends to stare into an iPhone whilst secretly hoping they'll get street style snapped and end up running VOGUE. Pepe Jeans have done it, quite an unexpected colour but I love it! The shagginess of the fur is also very appealing. I think these wax coated skinnies are also fab, they look like they fit well and have a sufficient waxxy coating.

Kate of Spade:

Kate of Spade do cute yet smart brilliantly, they manage to make pencils desirable (see here)! I love this little watch with the gold trimmed round face and the soft shiny leather strap. Very cute, very smart, very practical.

ASOS Velvet Dungarees:

More velvet Rose? Really? Don't you have enough? Yeah, probably. But I don't have dark green velvet dungarees. I don't know why I like them so much, but I think they'd look really cool with a denim jacket and some swanky heels.


Oh Miista! It's like you read my mind, I don't have brown shoes! well I don't have camel coloured brown shoes with a baddass platform. So basically, in order to fill that empty void I need these shoes.


I really love the way that Antipodium manages to work quirky fabrics and prints into classic shapes. I love the sumptuous oxblood faux pony skin worked beautifully into a stylishly tailored teddy bear shape. Para phrasing billy ray Cyrus, this coat is ''business in the front, party in the back'' yet not ugly like his mullet.

Free People:

I love the boho chic aesthetic of Free People, the cute corduroy flares, the ditsy floral prints and the relaxed shapes really appeal to me. I don't own any long sleeved dresses but I really love this one, I like the contrasting black trim and the peachy colour.

Rose xo


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cable Knit Jumper

Levi denim jacket: carboot, mint cable knit jumper: carboot, scarf: charity shop, corduroy skirt: primark (sale - £3!), argo boots: topshop, socks: topshop.

I have crap organisational skills, but when I actually think about all the things I manage to cram into my week I'm quite impressed, I manage to work three days a week, run a blog, go to college and in any time I have left I try to flex my social media muscle. I don't spend any time watching tv like my fashion tutors would like to believe, I spend every minute I'm awake doing something, and I really have no idea how I fit stuff in. But I like it like that, I don't like having nothing to do.

I took these pictures before I went to college at a disused petrol station, I'm probably going to get asked to stop going there soon, but I find places like that really interesting. I like thinking about all the things that used to happen there, and what's going to happen to them in the future. With this place I like the look of the old fuel pumps and all the tyres lying around.

Rose xo


Monday, 13 January 2014


#teenvogue Top and Jeans - Topshop, Jacket - charity shop, Dr Martens, bag - Bally via charity shop

Blood, sweat and tears quite literally went into this post.
I should have listened to my own advice! I should have never gone foot commando with new Dr Martens! (WORST IDEA EVER!). Amazingly I've managed to select photos where you can't see my gory ankle. The sun light kept getting in my eyes, the photos kept coming out bleached or too dark, and I'd managed to stain my docs with blood. This all resulted in me having a mini tantrum, (thankfully no one was watching) - I'm basically being the worlds biggest drama queen. I went home and found my brothers old Volvo, my dad uses it to store logs in, I don't know why he does this but I think it looks quite cool. In the end I'd also managed to get two good photographs from the petrol station. So it was definitely worth it!


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Indian Velvet & Gold Dr Martens

Shoes: Dr martens, skirt: topshop, Crop top: minkpink, velvet jacket: charity shop, belt: stolen from dad.

Yet another outfit in which I'm wearing velvet, how surprising. I found this beautiful jacket in scope for £3, it's so intricately detailed, I love the embroidery and the proper little mirrors sewn into the jacket. I decided to wear it with my gold docs to compliment the bronze colour of the jacket, and because they are by far the comfiest pair of shoes I have ever owned. I've had them for over a year and they barely ever leave my feet. It'll  be a very sad day when they finally give up the goat, but I have a feeling I have a good couple of years wear left in them, and considering they only cost me £30 from the doc shop I'm very pleased they've lasted me this long. Thanks shoe god.

Rose xo


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How To Break In Dr Martens

I've owned a fair few pairs of Dr Martens, and I think I have a good system for breaking them in. Docs are notorious for causing blisters, bruises and cuts, but, hopefully, after that period of agony (which doesn’t always happen) it’s just pure glorious comfort. I bought a new pair recently, and it got me thinking about how other people break them in. 

1: It starts with the shoe:
Boots are easier than shoes to break in, because shoes always cut under the ankle and blister the toes.
Boots and shoes made in England are generally softer and easier to break in than ones made abroad; I’m not really sure why but, in my experience, the boots made from softer leather that isn't coated (ie it doesn’t have a smooth feel) don't even need 'breaking in'. So if you can afford to pay a little bit more, I would recommend buying uncoated ones made in England.  

2: Wearing lots of socks isn't always a good idea:
I've found that the more pairs of socks I've worn, the more they tend to rub. Again, I'm not 100% sure why this happens to me, but I think if you choose some smoother cotton socks, rather than go for some thick woolly ones, there will be less friction against the insides of the boots. Also, Compeed blister plasters are really good.

3: Heat:
Those special soles in Docs become more floppy and soft when they are placed near a heater. If I'm having a lot of trouble breaking in some new Docs, I sit in front of a fan heater until I can feel the warmth in my toes, then when I try walking about in them again the soles are nice and soft (I should say here that I don’t know if that is actually good for the sole, hah hah).

4: Don't wear them for hours on end the first time:
You will know if they are going to rub you the first time you wear them. Try taking short breaks in between wearing them. 

Rose xo

Monday, 6 January 2014

Black Shift

Dress: Urban Outitters, mesh top: Minkpink @ Urban Outfitters, velvet shoes: Topshop, denim jacket: carboot, tartan scarf: charity shop.

On Friday, I went to Birmingham for a mooch about. Armed with my student discount card and my wages, I ended up raiding the Urban Outfitters sale. I found this lovely Cooperative black shift dress for £15, it was reduced from £65! Anyway, even though it was £15,  I was a bit hesitant to buy it because, I didn't want to end up looking like Claudia Winkleman or, even worse her inspirational style guru Dobby The House Elf. After a great deal of consideration (approx 2 mins), I skipped to the till. I also bought a mesh/velvet crop top from Minkpink (which was also in the sale for £25). I think velvet is pretty much the kryptonite to my bank balance, and when I saw these velvet shoes in the sale for £30, I had about as much self control, as a dog left alone with a plate of freshly fried sausages.

Rose xo


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Midilife Crisis

Jacket: carboot, skirt: charity shop, top: Primark, shoes: Topshop, socks: Topshop

My new years resolution is too just work a little bit harder in general. I want to work more on my blog and post more often, ideally I'd like to post every two days and I hope that I can manage to sustain it. I'm not a very organised person, so it will be a big challenge but if you actually want to do something it makes it a 100x easier. I'd also like to try and be a bit tidier this year. Ha. Not going to happen, don't get to ambitious Rose.

A couple of weeks back, I saw a really cool dip dye check midi skirt in Topshop, but I didn't want to fork out £48 just in case I decided that midi skirts just weren't my thing. I luckily found this skirt for £3 in a charity shop, I'm still not sure whether midi skirts are my thing, but for £3 they don't need to be, and I don't feel obliged to wear it all the time to try and bring down the cost per wear ratio (fashion maths, broke bitches get me).

Rose xo


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