Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Experimenting with film.

Today I started using my mums pentax ASAHI, my friend Lynsey who is also a fashion student agreed to do some modelling for me.

Heres a little q&a with Lynsey:

'err golly rose I have no idea give me a minute to think about that one'
Do you like having your picture taken?
'not especially.'
Why not?
Mainly because I have to take my glasses off then I cant see which can be an unnerving feeling.
Sorry for making you do that, will you forgive me haha?
Hahaha Rose, Yeah course I will.'
I here you have a black belt in Karate?!
'Second level black belt in karate yes.'
what sparked your interest in Karate?
'My younger brother started it and I got bored watching him every week so I decided to give it a try and after the first class loved it!!!!'
You were homeschooled? Did you enjoy it?
'Yes, I loved it and wouldn't ever have wanted to not have been home schooled.'
Did it give you more time to get on with arty stuff?
'Yes because I was able to tailor my learning so it incorporated the things I was interested in such as art and sewing, which if I was in school I would have less time to do.'
Who's your favourite designer?
'Don't really have one, I like the work of Dolce and Gabanna, but I wouldn't say there my favourite.'
What are your plans for the future?
'Study Textiles at uni, then I don't have any doing something with textiles?'

If you like these types of posts let me know and I'll do more :)

Rose xo


  1. I love the photos, they are beautiful and your model is so interesting to look at (in the beautiful way!) x

  2. I love these pictures, they're gorgeous! Definitely do more of them, they're stunning! And nothing beats some good old film pictures :) xx

  3. Love the effect of film cameras, and you've captured these photos so well! They're so beautiful and her hair is absolutely amazing!

    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

  4. I love your blog so much xxx

  5. These are freaking gorgeous. The colours and the amount of grain so seamlessly goes together. Love it! LOVE IT!

  6. super cool pictures :D


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