I hate writing these, I always forget who I am - not in a pretentious way I just forget my age and stuff.

So, I'm 17  (first step complete)
I study fashion and clothing at college, although I'm not really sure on what I want to do when I leave. I don't want to go to university, I'd like to just try all sorts of things, and ideally I'd like to do 'all sorts of things as a career'

Things I'd like to do:

present on radio or tv
Edit and Film video - holla, YouTube comin soon!
Eat nice cake on a daily basis.

At the moment, I work in a cafe - I'm a waitress and I love listening to all the random tales customers have to tell me. I once ended up making a diamond anniversary card for a man's wife, who I had only just met, and spoken to for about five minutes - no idea how I got myself into that one. I have two dogs, and a love for spaghetti.

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